Saturday, July 19, 2008

Free Music

Downloaded a couple of good mixes over the last couple of days. Dig it:

El-P - WeAreAllGoingToBurnInHellMegaMixx2

This is half of the limited 2CD tour only CD El-P recently released. Only listened to it once so far, but the beats are sounding dope. You have to sign up to the Def Jux website to get this one but it doesn't take long. Dig it.

Ratatat - Remixes Volume II

The raps can get a little boring on this one, but the beats are solid all the way through. If only there was more like the Beans & Despot freestyles (I never expected to have so many songs featuring T.I and Young Buck on my iTunes). But still, it's worth a download. Dig it.

I can't wait to hear the Ratatat production on the Depot album (which I can't wait for in general).

Friday, July 11, 2008

Erykah Badu - The Healer

This is dope.

Welcome to the world of lost souls... defined by Liow (otherwise known as MySpace). I've finally gotten my myspace groove on, and uploaded the newly completed "Terrorism" on there.

I have to say I hate myspace. I don't like these types of websites in general, but myspace is really terrible. So hard to use, really un-userfriendly. And I'm not just struggling with it because I can't ues a computer. I work as a web designer, so if it's hard for me then I'm really unimpressed.

But there it is. If you want people to hear your music, then you get a myspace page. Or so they say.

So, check out my page at:

At the very least you will be able to hear Terrorism at long last. (I will try and post it on here sometime soon.)

Many thanks to Liow for his extreme patience and generosity. He is a true artist, and I am very grateful for all the time and effort he has spent working on this project with me. Look out for our next collaboration "Psychotherapy" coming up soon.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bleach Ideas

Needs some work...

Take a bottle full of bleach
Pour some in your cup then drink it
Such a lot of fuss
For such a small amount of liquid

Vomit in disgust
But you can't erase the image
Ease your heaving gut
And taste the rush through the blisters

Take a bottle full of bleach
Pour some in your cup then drink it
Such a lot of fuss
For such a small amount of liquid

Choke down your hope
It's the end don't get it twisted
The angel or the gimmick?
A stranger to the physics

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chasm - Beyond the Beat Tape

I finally picked up Chasm's album yesterday. I've been really busy & broke lately so unfortunately I haven't been able to buy many CDs.

I've only listened to it a couple of times so far, but already I can say it's a very impressive release. Chasm has really come a long way since his Awakenings EP a few years ago. Great professional production, pretty consistent all the way through, and excellent work by the contributing MCs.

The standout track so far for me is "Vicious Circle" featuring Ivens & Muph (who sound great together, as they did on Muph & Plutonic's "What You See"). This track isn't what I expected at all. Very different from what I've heard Ivens on before, and I think he really kills it. I really hope I have the privillidge of collaborating with this dude one day down the track.

In other news, sorry for the lack of updates. I'll be laying down some vocals with Liow next week so hopefully I'll be able to share some music in the near future.